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Media Requests

This is a page for companies whose products or services I may be interested in writing about, or the PRs who represent them.

I am looking for the following. Please email me if you have something.



For Action Against Allergy 

For the Winter newsletter, I'm looking for nut-free / nut-safe Christmas food products, such as seasonal chocolate products, Christmas cakes / puddings, advent calendars, and more. Must be seasonal and Xmas-themed!


For Allergy Insight 

For an upcoming article on my blog, I'm looking for air purifiers, air filters and allergy face masks, with the ability to filter out either particulates such as pollens, dust, pollution and/or VOCs and other chemicals such as fragrances and small-molecular compounds.


For Network Health Digest

I write a regular column for NHD Magazine on upcoming launches in 'free from' and low FODMAP foods and drinks.

If you have any future gluten-free, dairy free, nut-free or FODMAP friendly products, soon to be launched onto the market in the UK, and suitable for those with intolerances, allergies and/or IBS, then drop me a line. I'm mainly looking for nutritious, staple products, that fill a particular dietary need, by producers with good awareness of the issues those with food hypersensitivities face. No confectionary or other treat foods, please. 


For writing on food allergy / intolerance and coeliac disease

I'm always interested in new and upcoming research, studies or launches relevant to these subject areas, and in new launches of free from foods, ie gluten free, milk free, nut free, or vegan / vegetarian products.


As editor of this site devoted to methylisothiazolinone (MI) and to MI allergy, I'm always looking for household products free from MI, and in speaking to experts on the subject of this preservative and the increasing prevalence of allergies to it. 



Updated: 20th January 2018.

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